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  • Kentucky Accident Insurance Law 2013

    Posted on June 7th, 2013 Edward A. Brutscher No comments
    Kentucky Insurance Law 2013

    Kentucky Insurance Law 2013

    Mr. Brutscher will once again speak at the Kentucky Accident Insurance Law 2013 Seminar in Lexington, Kentucky on June 25, 2013 and in Louisville, Kentucky on June 26, 2013.  Mr. Brutscher will be speaking on issues that are frequently encountered in litigation of cases involving accident insurance law.

    Car wreck cases, slips and falls, trucking wreck cases, and motorcycle wreck cases usually involve insurance policies that indemnify the injured party and protect the negligent party’s assets.  No fault benefits that provide injured parties with minimum $10,000.00 for payment of medical and economic benefits like lost wages are also encountered in these types of cases.  Once a lawsuit is filed these issues usually are magnified.  Mr. Brutscher instructs other lawyers, insurance adjusters, and professionals on these issues that can arise in these type of cases.

    Mr. Brutscher is once again excited and proud for this opportunity to instruct other professionals on this important area of law.

  • It’s Been Awhile Since We Posted Kentucky Accident Information

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    We're Sorry!

    We’re Sorry!

    We’re sorry.  We know it’s been awhile since we posted any new articles containing Kentucky accident information vital to your accident case.  We’re glad that you continue to visit our site for free helpful information and news related to your Kentucky accident.  If you would like more information and news you should make sure to “Like” our Facebook page at or you can “Follow us” on Twitter  We constantly link to informative news articles and information, so if you find that we aren’t posting here, you might find what your looking for from the Brutscher Law Office on Facebook or Twitter.  If you have a specific question, please be sure to fill out the form on the right and submit it for your review.  We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

  • Photos of Wreck on 7th Street.

    Posted on July 2nd, 2012 Edward A. Brutscher No comments

    Here are some photos of wreck on 7th Street this morning.  I came across a rather large car accident scene this morning.  You can see by the photos that several police officers, tow trucks, and ambulances were present.  I drive through this intersection ever morning on my way to the office.  It appears that the car wreck happened right in the middle of the intersection controlled by a traffic light.  I figure someone must have disobeyed the traffic signal, causing the car wreck.

    Photos of Car Wreck on 7th Street 1

    Scene of Car Wreck on 7th Street








    Photo of car wreck on 7th Street 3

    Truck involved in wreck on 7th Street








    Photo car wreck on 7th Street 2

    Damage to other car involved in wreck on 7th Street









    I’m not too surprised there was a car wreck at this location.  The road shifts over at a point where you cross the intersection, making the intersection wider than you anticipate.  It also brings the cars closer together to the west side of the intersection.  Looks as if someone was injured given the presence of an ambulance and first responders.  I hope everyone is otherwise okay.

  • Video Car Wreck Scene in Louisville

    Posted on June 26th, 2012 Edward A. Brutscher No comments

    Video car wreck scene in Louisville.  This is a video of the scene of the accident I came across on the way to work today.  You can see the sheriff and the driver of the wrecked car over on the sidewalk.  It doesn’t appear like there were any injuries.  I particularly like the Foo Fighters song in the background on the radio, singing; “It’s alright.”


    Let us know what you think by commenting below.  You can also share this video using the buttons above or below this post.

  • Car Wreck Pictures Louisville 7th Street

    Posted on June 26th, 2012 Edward A. Brutscher No comments

    Some car wreck pictures Louisville 7th Street. Here are some photos I took of an accident I came across on my way to work today.  There doesn’t appear to be any injuries, but it still looks like quite a bit of property damage.  I couldn’t see the other car involved, but didn’t notice any other damage to nearby cars.

    Car Wreck Pictures Louisville 1

    Car Wreck on 7th Street








    Car Wreck Pictures Louisville 2

    A closer look








    Car Wreck Pictures Louisville 3

    Sheriff arrives at scene to investigate.








    Hope you enjoy!

  • Leaving Your Child in a Hot Car Can Result in Tragedy.

    Posted on June 21st, 2012 Edward A. Brutscher No comments
    Leaving Your Child in a hot car Can Result in Tragedy

    A Child Left in a Hot Car Can Result in Tragedy

    Recently, another tragedy involving an infant left in a hot car struck Louisville. Eight month old Lincoln Lindsay succumbed to the heat and died after being left in a car for hours when his father went to work. Police are ruling it an accident. Apparently, Lincoln’s dad forgot the child was strapped in his car seat when he went to work. Read about how leaving your child in a hot car can result in tragedy like Lincoln’s. 

    It’s easy to question how a parent can leave a child in a hot car all day long.  Unfortunately, it’s an all too common occurrence.  Experts say its common for parents to leave a child behind in cars.  Numbers from Forget Me Not USA, an Oklahoma-based organization that raises awareness about the problem, said 532 children have died after being left in hot cars since 1998.

    Kentucky had 18 hot car deaths from 1998 to 2011, according to the group’s website.  It’s easy for a parent, who doesn’t normally have the child, to forget the child is in the car, or simply go about their daily routine without an awareness that the child has been left.  Unfortunately, for children, especially infants who don’t talk or who may fall asleep in the car, the result is too often the tragic death of the child.

    Fortunately, there is now an app for that.  The First Years brand from TOMY International will send an alert if the child is not properly strapped in the car seat, the car seat is not properly installed, or if the child has been left in the carRead about how the app is designed to prevent leaving your child in a hot car that can result in tragedy. 

    Remember during hot days to check the back seat of your car, especially, if you have young children or infant.  If you don’t typically drive the child to daycare or some other caregiver, remember to be diligent especially on hot days.  You don’t want to live with the tragedy that just befell Lincoln’s parents.  Leaving your child in a hot car can result in tragedy, so be extra cautious when transporting your child during hot months.

  • Car Accident Injury Photos in Downtown Louisville

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    Car Accident Injury Photos of Car Accident Injury Scene in Downtown Louisville.




  • Video of Car Accident Scene in Downtown Louisville

    Posted on June 19th, 2012 Edward A. Brutscher No comments

    Video of Car Accident Scene in Downtown Louisville.

  • Motorcycle Deaths Rise with Repeal of Helmet Laws

    Posted on June 7th, 2012 Edward A. Brutscher No comments


    USA Today reports on the increase in motorcycle related deaths resulting from repeal of mandatory helmet laws. Motorcycles deaths have nearly doubled since the 1990′s when repeal became more widespread. The push comes from groups seeking to have Washington repeal state helmet laws, as well as, derail other measures related to motorcycle safety and enforcement.

    The NHTSA estimates that helmets saved 1,483 lives in 2009, and that an additional 732 lives could have been saved had they been worn. Click for more information on the increase in deaths related to motorcycle helmet law repeals.

  • Tougher Laws Needed to Save Teen Drivers

    Posted on June 6th, 2012 Edward A. Brutscher No comments


    In a follow up to our earlier posted video on tougher licensing restrictions comes a CNBC article on laws needed to reduce the risks of death or serious injury to teen drivers. According to the article:

    The statistics are sobering.

    A new study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says states could substantially cut the number of deadly car crashes involving teen drivers if they put more restrictions on licensing teens.

    Some examples from the IIHS:

    -Delaying the age of licensing drivers by a year to 16 or 17 would cut fatal accidents 13 percent

    -Not allowing teens to drive at night could lead to 20 percent drop in deadly crashes with teen drivers.

    -Banning teenagers from driving with other teens in the car would reduce fatal car collisions by 21 percent.

    The common theme in all these suggestions is limiting potential distractions for teens or potentially deadly scenarios until they have more experience behind the wheel.

    “The longer parents wait for their teens to get their permit, the longer licensure is delayed, the lower the crash rates,” says Ann McCartt with the Insurance Institute.

    The problem is that not all states are pushing tighter licensing restrictions. For example, in South Dakota the minimum age to get a driver’s license is 14 years, 3 months. There are probably some 14 year olds who can handle driving a car, but a lot more who lack the maturity needed behind the wheel.

    When I look back at some of the stupid stuff I pulled while driving as a 16 year old, I shudder the memories. My guess is that most people (including lawmakers) feel the same way. It’s time they step up and realize they have the chance to dramatically cut teen driving accidents by passing tougher laws.